Begynder 2018-2019


2018 - 2019





Dancing With A Stranger

Lene Mainz Pedersen

You Got Me

Bente Andersen

Down To The Honkytonk

Rick Todd

Love Flow

Niels Poulsen

Please Don't Lie To Me

Lene Mainz Pedersen

Road House Rock

Rob Fowler

All The King's Men

Ann-Kristin Sandberg

Whiskey Bridges

Maddison Glover

Forever And Ever

Benny Ray

A Little Shotgun

Dorte Carlsen

Come Dance With Me

Jo Thompson

4 5 6 Waltz

Pip Hodge

Why Did It Have To Be Me (årsdans)

Annette Nielsen

Born To Be Great

Conrad Farnham

Texas Time

Lene Mainz Pedersen

Try Everything

Lene Mainz Pedersen

The Freeze

Ric Silver

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